ANA Nursing is a dedicated professional team of carers who, for the last twenty eight years, have been offering the finest support to service users throughout London in their own homes.

Every care worker will go through a two-stage interview process:

  • Our recruitment team only interview those they feel have the background we’re looking for.
  • The interview is as much about character as it is about experience and qualifications. Only those with all the right qualities will pass this stage.
  • All candidates are then thoroughly background checked; references are taken and contacted, identities are confirmed, and an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is conducted.
  • All successful candidates must participate in our Induction training and assessment. They must then ‘shadow’ an experienced carer until they are signed off as being competent. Last but not least they have to complete the care Certificate.

Only those who pass all four stages are asked to join our organisation.

Our Registered Managers have years of experience matching the right carers and to the right service users, and they know this can only be achieved by listening to the their specific needs, asking the right questions and personally knowing every carer we have at ANA Nursing.

Our phone lines are manned by our own staff 24 hours a day, and we currently are able to have someone to you within one hour.

No, we don’t believe in locking people into lengthy agreements; we hope that, if you continue to need help, the quality of our service is all you’ll require to convince you to continue using us.

As we have no long-term contracts and the minimum amount of time you need to book one of our carers is just one hour. You can try us out at any time and then decide how often and for how long you need our help.

Not a problem – just give us a little notice that you might want to change days or times and we can certainly accommodate this.

It’s wonderful if you live in a community or with family who can look after your needs for free, but there will be times when those who look after you will be away or sick, there will be times when more specialist support is needed that an untrained person simply cannot provide, and there are times when those who look after you will need a rest themselves. With ANA Nursing there is always cover and our staff are all DBS checked, thoroughly referenced, highly skilled and well trained, as well as being genuinely nice people.

We do our utmost to ensure that a carer with the right qualities and skills is matched to your needs. However, there are bound to be times when personalities don’t quite fit. If at any time you decide that you would prefer someone else we will replace them for you with no fuss or bother.

Our charges vary depending on your needs, therefore the easiest way to answer this question is for you to
call us on 07392 170990 and we’d be delighted to provide you with our fees.